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Euro Trading

Euro USD is one of the most popular currency pair in forex market. Most of the traders when they start out making money with forex trading they go for Euro trading against the dollar. However, unfortunately most of these traders know practically nothing about the Euro trading. The only thing they look for is the euro to dollar conversion or the exchange rate. But when you are doing currency trading in euro there couple of significant facts that you should be aware of.
Unlike other currencies the euro is a very unique currency because it is not the historical currency of any nation. The euro was introduced after the formation of European Union or the European Economic Community. The European country leaders and European bureaucrats realized that it would boost their economic activities if they have a common currency. Today, Euro is the second most traded currency (after the US dollar), in the forex market. Naturally Euro is a very significant power in financial markets.

History of Euro:
The European Economic Community or the European Union was formed as a means of lowering trade barriers between nations in Western Europe. Over the years it has extended to include countries in Eastern Europe. However the most important factor for expansion of euro trading is the formation of the European Monetary Union (EMU) and the introduction of the currency euro, which happened during the beginning of this millennium.

Facts You should know while Trading in Euro
The euro is controled by the European Central Bank (ECB). Because of its status as a multinational regulatory bank, its remit is a little different than the US Federal Reserve. The European Central Bank is concerned solely with interest rates and maintaining price stability within the Euro zone, while the Federal Reserve and most other national central banks also have to consider the effects of their decisions on employment levels. Continue reading

Best Expert Advisor

Are you looking for the best forex expert advisor? Automated forex trading is huge right now for a very good reason and the best expert advisor is in big demand. Profiting from foreign exchange is easier than ever if you have the right system and have it automated. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

1. Hands Off Trading
The best expert advisor will save virtually all of the time that you now spend searching and watching the forex market for trading opportunities.

If you go live with it right away you will need to keep a close watch on it at first, of course. It is better to set it up in demo mode to start. Then you can leave it autopilot right from the get go, and just go in and fix any problems with the settings until it is consistently making money in your forex demo account.
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Fusion-V 1.1a Robot

Traders who are interested in automating their forex system are always observing how the best performing robots work. Sometimes you don’t need to build the best performing tool from scratch. Instead you just need to get hold of the best available tool in the market and improve it make it a winner. At the Forex Robot World Cup, this exactly what happened. The master forex trading EA, Fusion V 1.1a Royal Trader or the Fusion-V1.1a Robot is finally ready.

What is Fusion V 1.1a Robot?
Fusion-V 1.1a is an automated forex trading robot developed by the FRWC team in Forex EA lab. In fact the Fusion-V 1.1a robot achieved an amazing 355.46% profit in just 19 days with 226 trades.

Why is Fusion-V1.1a Forex EA so powerful?
The FRWC developed this robot very systematically. First they organized the Forex Robot World Cup competition. Once they have identified the top 5 forex robots, the FRWC lab combined it into one single master robot called the Fushion-5 1.1a. This is a very power forex robot since all the benefits of the best Forex EAs from championship is merged into one single robot.

From February 16th you can get the Fusion-V1.1a robot by clicking the above button.

How is Fusion-V 1.1a Robot better than the Forex Robot World Cup Winners?
In Fusion-V 1.1a EA, the trading rules of the Forex Robot World Cup Winner robots have not altered. That would be a stupid thing to do because these robots have proved to work well. The team from FRWC lab built exclusive money management rules in Fusion-V 1.1a robot that proportioned the risk more evenly.

Fusion-V 1.1a Bonus
Buy the Fusion-V 1.1a Robot by clicking the link below and win exclusive bonus worth $197.
Bonus Details:
Automated Forex Blueprint

  1. Automated Forex Success Secret:
    – A detailed blueprint on how to setup automated forex robots and make tons of money.
  2. Online Forex Manual:
    – A forex trading bible which contains everything you need to know about earning big profits with online forex trading.
  3. Step by Step Forex:
    – A step by step guide for new traders to absolutely win trades without losses.

How to Claim the FRWC Bonus?
Click the link below and by the Forex Robot World Cup royal trader Fusion-V 1.1a. Sent a copy of your purchase receipt using the comment form below. I will personally contact and send you the bonus.


The GBPBot forex Expert Advisor is set to be released in the market on 23rd Ferurary 2010. GBPBot
Update: GBPBot postponed the launch date to 9th March. Not sure why the release is delayed. You can see the latest updated of GBPBot here.
You might start receiving lot of emails and big promotional messages from 15th Februray onwards. Meanwhile I am in the process of getting some inside access for you guys to investigate the truth about GBPbot and its performance just like I did for USDBot. I need to make sure if GBPbot is scam or does it really work as they claim.
Anyway here are some quick facts about GBPBot forex robot.
According to the developers, GBPBOT works on multiple currency pairs and a standard 1 Minute Timeframe. The GBPbot is designed to gain maximum profit regardless of the market condition by analyzing the trend and enter into trade accordingly. You can download GBP Bot and install the Forex Expert Advisor in a matter of minutes and let the robot run completely on autopilot.
The developers claim that GBPBot is designed in such a way that even new traders with no experience can make money using this automated forex robot.

Will GBPBot stand up to the claims? I am going to find it out and will report back to you guys very soon.

Forex Robot World Cup Winner

Forex Robot World Cup winnerYesterday the Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) organizers announced the winner of their non-commercial forex expert advisor competition. And the winner is….
Drazen Ziskovic, the creator of the winning robot LMD-Multicurrency. Out of the 24 finalists who reached at the last live trading phase LMD-Multicurrency robot beat the rest of the forex robots almost all the time during the trading.
Drazen who is from Croatia received a cash prize of $100,000 as the winner of Forex Robot World Cup competition.
The second place was grabbed by Leslee Vernon Gouws who developed another profitable forex EA called HiRIDER. He is from South Africa. And the third prize went to Manolito Gulla from United States for his automated forex robot named Super-Volcano.

Congratulation to the Winners! :)


The USDBot is the first forex trading robot to hit in the market in 2010. Naturally we all want to know if this is another forex software scam or does it really work. usdbot The actual USDbot is going to be released in the market for general public only on 26th of January. So it is too early to give an unbiased USDbot review at this time since I prefer to publish actual user reviews and rating from real users. But I have got feedback from the beta testers of USD Bot and I am in the process of analyzing the results of USDbot.
Before we take a look at the performance of USDbot ea, let’s find out what exactly is offered in this software. The USDBOT is a 2 in 1 currency trading robot that trades the EUR/USD currency pair as well as the USD/JPY pair. The core trading strategy behind this automated forex trading robot is developed by a group of veteran traders. According to the creator of this forex robot, USDBOT will adapt to any market conditions or trends.

The members area got everything a new traders needs including Videos, USDBot installation guides, a section for frequently asked question and bonus forex products. I am preparing a video where you can take sneak peak at the members area of USDbot to see what is actually inside the members area.

Go here to find out more about USDbot.

USDBot Video Review:

The USDBot is released and I just bought it. I just finshed setting it upon my computer. The automated forex robot already started it’s job.
Meanwhile here is a sneakpeak at the members area of USDbot. See what is inside the USDbot system and how it will make money for you. Click on the review video to start playing.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Automated Currency Trading Software

Gone are the days where you will have to sit in front of the monitor and make frequent telephone calls to do the currency trading. With the help of automated currency trading software any currency trader can make the most of their investments from the lucrative forex market. The foreign exchange market is now bigger and more liquid than all stock markets in the world added together. Utilizing automated forex software tools can help you make the most of this enormous opportunity with ease.

Now before you experienced traders argue that automated forex trading doesn’t work and manual trading is the only way to go, I do agree that manual trading has its advantages. In fact I would advice everyone who is new to forex to learn how to trade manually so that you know the forex market and the basics of currency trading. Similar to all speculative forms of investments, currency trading is risky and the more you learn about it, the better you will be prepared to overcome the risks. Shielding your funds with risk management is one of the most essential skills that you can have as a forex trader. When you trade manually you will learn to manage your risk and learn how to handle the funds. Of course you don’t have to spend your hard earned money for this; since you can learn manual trading from a demo account, which is provide by most forex brokers now.

Advantages of Automatic Currency Trading
Automated forex trading has its advantages when compared to manual trading. However successful you may be in the forex market as a manual trader, you cannot expect to observe several currency pairs simultaneously and never miss few excellent trading opportunities. This is where automated forex trading software can help where the software keeps track of the market and do the trades automatically whenever there is good trading opportunity.

The software as you can imagine, cannot make speculations like the human brain. Instead the automated currency trading software will work according to the set instructions given by you. This is actually an advantage since forex software is not affected by human emotions like fear and greed. Once you setup the forex software it will keep working round the clock identifying trends and trading on behalf of you. This way you can automate your successful manual trading system and work more efficiently.
You can utilize the free forex platform Metatrader 4 and set this up. However you either need software knowledge or have to hire a programmer who can create automated currency trading software according to your needs. If you are an expert trader I would suggest you to go this route since investing some cash to create an automated trading system will increase return and save time.

Nevertheless, if you are just a beginner at forex trading you might not want to invest lot of money for developing custom forex software. Instead you can buy forex robots like FAP Turbo which are readily available in the market. While these software programs may not match completely to your existing trading system, you adjust the various setting including stop-loss to setup the software according to your requirements.

Use the automatic currency trading software to trade with ease to make big profits

Interbank Currency Trading

What is meant by interbank currency trading?

If you go through forex discussion forums you might come across people using the term interbank to include any person who is occupied in forex trading including sellers and buyers. You migh also come across this term on a forex brokers website like Dukascopy. Naturally you might think that interbank currency trading is another term used for retail currency trading which is not true. Let’s see how interbank currency trading differs from retail forex trading.

In the beginning there were only banks and large financial institutions in forex market. These major financial institutions were exchanging different international currencies between each other as part of trading. This was done through dealing desk from which each would be in touch with the other banks around the globe. These banks would quote each other the rates at which they would be prepared to trade one currency for another currency and would strike the deal as soon they agree on the prices. These trades were happening between major financial institutions like insurance firms, mutual fund companies and mainly between banks. Hence these currency exchanges were called interbank currency trading.

Today the forex market is not entirely controlled by Banks though they are still the major players in the market. Speculative trading became possible in forex market during the 1970’s when exchange rates of most of the key currencies were almost fixed. During those days the trading was done by telephone almost exclusively. The major financial institutions like banks started utilizing the service of full time currency traders to raise their profits by speculating on the rise and fall of forex currency rates. During the late 1990s internet started gaining high popularity and today internet is the main medium of trading. These days just about anyone who got a personal computer can become a forex trader since almost all the developed and developing countries provide a high speed internet connection. But, a retail trader like you and me do not have the capability to set up our own dealing desk and communicate directly with the banks or currency traders around the world. This where forex brokers come in, since we need an intermediary to get involved in trading with others.

How Forex Brokers Work
Forex brokers let the small retail traders like us to open accounts with them as clients and then negotiate with the interbank forex trading market on our behalf. These brokers normally have an agreement with one of the banks to use their dealing desk to get involved in forex market. This gives the forex brokers the capability to accept smaller fund balances and hence many will let you open mini forex accounts. However this can result higher costs like a higher spread or you may come across bucket shops forex brokers who will manipulate the prices make sure that they are getting some profits on top of the bank’s spread involved. Large brokers who are directly part of the forex market usually have their own dealing desk. However these brokers are less likely to offer mini forex accounts and you mostly will be trading standard lots, which means you should have hefty sum in your account.
Now that you know about interbank currency trading why not take some action and make real money. You can either go with a manual trading system like 10 minute forex wealth builder or get an automated forex software like FAP turbo to make money with currency trading.

Forex Currency Trading Software

You might have noticed that there are numerous forex trading software available in the market. However, do you know what types of currency trading software are available and what features should you look for? Some of the main forex currency trading software used are Forex EA or Automated Forex Trading Software like Forex Autopilot, forex trading platform like Metatrader 4 etc. Before you start trading you may want to look around to choose the forex platform that is suitable for your trading system.

Currency Trading Platform
Currency trading brokers normally run the forex accounts with the help of software. Usually the brokerage accounts run on a forex platform their server and you can access them online through a web interface or using your forex trading software. Big forex brokers usually have custom forex trading platform while smaller brokers may use a generic forex platform which might be customized to suit the brokerage firm. These forex platforms will offer you a wide variety of features including different forex charts, other technical analysis tools which will help you to identify trends in the price movements as well as indicate fluctuations in the market. Some software will also provide you latest updates on significant financial news and if you sign-up for a forex trading signal provider (see Forex Ambush 2.0 review here) they will also provide you forex alerts to make the right trades and right time.

Automated Currency Trading Software
Some traders love to set things on autopilot. In this case you will need an automated forex currency trading software or Forex EA (Expert Advisor). The currency trading software will establish connection with your brokerage account and will start trading automatically according to the signals it receives from the broker account. If you are going in this route make sure that your broker supports Metatrader 4 platform since most of the popular forex currency trading software run on this platform. Also make sure that you are selecting a reliable forex broker since most of the cases good automatic currency trading software like FAP Turbo or Forex Derivative might not be able to perform well if the currency trading broker offers poor service. It is often the broker is the culprit and not the forex trading software.

Internet Connection Speed
It is really important that you have a reliable high speed internet connection since you need to quick interaction with your brokerage account while trading. Unless you are running a server edition of your automated forex currency trading software, your computer must be switched on and connected to the internet at all times while you are trading. In other words you must quit all your trades before you disconnect your computer from internet. Some internet service providers automatically cut the connection when there are no activities going on from your end. This might result in heavy losses unless you have set proper stop loss. Also a slow internet connection will give you problems since the forex currency prices are constantly changing in the market and if you are unable to perform the trade at the right time you won’t be able to make big profits.
This is true even if you are using a manual trading system like Forex Confidante or LMT Forex Formula.

Ease of Use of Forex Software
Most of the people you prefer automated forex trading over manual trading system would like their trading robot to be simple and user friendly. Good currency trading software will come with step by step installation instructions along with the user manual which explains the operating procedure of the trading robot. Another important aspect is the support offered by the developers of the forex EA. I have seen people giving poor reviews for best forex software because of the poor support. (There is a user group called FAPUG dedicated to the support of FAP users which many users are not aware of).

There is always risk involved in Forex currency trading. In a dynamic market like forex, it is important that you have all the information available immediately from reliable sources. With the right settings and proper use of a good automated forex currency trading software you can make lots of money online.

Forex Trading Signal Provider

You have seen the primary factors you must consider while choosing a forex trading signal provider in the first part of this article.

How to Choose the Best Forex Trading Signal Service? – Part 2

Our first three steps should eliminate all the unwanted signal providers and forex signal scams. Now let’s look into some more details about these forex trading signals providers to choose best one.

Amount of Unique Winning Trades
Scrutinize the actual trades in the results displayed by the forex trading signal service provider. You may come across forex signals provider who got high winning percentage since they have opened large number of trades on a currency pair at the same period of time which is nothing but a repetition of the same trade. For instance a forex trading signal provider may have 30 winning trades successively in their results. However if you take a good look at the trades you might notice that there is just one winning trade that is placed 30 times to boost their winning streak in their results display. This is not a remarkable result. Hence you should be looking at the unique winning trades while selecting the best forex trading signals provider.

Next you should find out the largest drop on individual trades. Forex trading signal providers who are reluctant to accept losses might opt for big drawdown to turn a losing trading into a winner. For instance I have noticed a forex signal service holding the trades even at 500 pips down and then close the trades when it reaches 5 pips of profit just to avoid losing trades in their result. You don’t want to do such insane trades which will eat up your funds especially if you are starting low.

Losing Positions
Does the forex trading signals provider add to losing positions? Any trader who continuously adds to losing positions with the expectation that it will turn to his favor is not a reliable forex signal service provider.

Suitable for Your Trading System
Finally select a forex trading signal provider that suits your trading system. Not all forex signals will support different forex trading systems. (See LMF Forex Formula review and Forex Confidante review for currency trading systems.) Some trading signals could provide big profits in long time, but might go for high risks leading to larger drawdown. If your forex trading system is suitable for this type of trades then go for it. On the other hand if you are an unadventurous trader and cannot afford such drops in assets you should choose a forex trading signals provider with lower risks.

If you follow the above tips in this guide on choosing the forex signal service, you should be able to find the best forex trading signals provider online. Take a look at the some of the recommended forex signals providers like Forex Ambush 2.0
Whichever forex buy sell signal provider you choose, make sure that you trade on your demo account first. Analyze the result on your demo account the pick the best forex trading signal provider which suits your trading system.