The much awaited forex robot, IvyBot will be released in the market on 28th July, 2009. Until now, this automated forex trading software was only available to selected few and now after doing all the tests the IvyBot is perfected. On 28th regular traders like you and me will be able to buy ivybot online.
In this IvyBot review we will look into the key features of this forex trading robot and find out if it really works or is it just another scam. Also I have contacted one of the selected few Ivy Bot beta testers to show their IvyBot results which I will be sharing with you guys.

IvyBot Review

So what is special about this currency trading software in comparison with other forex EA like FAP Turbo? One of the key features of IvyBot is that it has four different robots for four different currency pairs. This is not available in any other trading robots. Most of the auto trading software are primarily created for EUR/USD pair and though they can be used for trading other currency pairs the results might not be good. Ivy Bot eliminates this problem by developing separate forex robots for specifically for each forex currency pair.
Review Update: From the feedback what we received from actual users, the Ivybot performs very low number of trades. However the trades what Ivybot robot open ended up with profits most of the time. Hence you most likely will not lose any trades though it will take long time for you to big big bucks with Ivybot auto trading software.

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