Fusion-V 1.1a Robot

Traders who are interested in automating their forex system are always observing how the best performing robots work. Sometimes you don’t need to build the best performing tool from scratch. Instead you just need to get hold of the best available tool in the market and improve it make it a winner. At the Forex Robot World Cup, this exactly what happened. The master forex trading EA, Fusion V 1.1a Royal Trader or the Fusion-V1.1a Robot is finally ready.

What is Fusion V 1.1a Robot?
Fusion-V 1.1a is an automated forex trading robot developed by the FRWC team in Forex EA lab. In fact the Fusion-V 1.1a robot achieved an amazing 355.46% profit in just 19 days with 226 trades.

Why is Fusion-V1.1a Forex EA so powerful?
The FRWC developed this robot very systematically. First they organized the Forex Robot World Cup competition. Once they have identified the top 5 forex robots, the FRWC lab combined it into one single master robot called the Fushion-5 1.1a. This is a very power forex robot since all the benefits of the best Forex EAs from championship is merged into one single robot.

From February 16th you can get the Fusion-V1.1a robot by clicking the above button.

How is Fusion-V 1.1a Robot better than the Forex Robot World Cup Winners?
In Fusion-V 1.1a EA, the trading rules of the Forex Robot World Cup Winner robots have not altered. That would be a stupid thing to do because these robots have proved to work well. The team from FRWC lab built exclusive money management rules in Fusion-V 1.1a robot that proportioned the risk more evenly.

Fusion-V 1.1a Bonus
Buy the Fusion-V 1.1a Robot by clicking the link below and win exclusive bonus worth $197.
Bonus Details:
Automated Forex Blueprint

  1. Automated Forex Success Secret:
    – A detailed blueprint on how to setup automated forex robots and make tons of money.
  2. Online Forex Manual:
    – A forex trading bible which contains everything you need to know about earning big profits with online forex trading.
  3. Step by Step Forex:
    – A step by step guide for new traders to absolutely win trades without losses.

How to Claim the FRWC Bonus?
Click the link below and by the Forex Robot World Cup royal trader Fusion-V 1.1a. Sent a copy of your purchase receipt using the comment form below. I will personally contact and send you the bonus.