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Forex Dynasty

The Forex Dynasty system is set to lauch in the market on 12th April 2010. In this Forex Dynasty review we will find out what is Forex Dynasty, how it works and if it really works or if it is a scam. The final Forex Dynasty review conclusion will be based on actual user reviews, ratings, feedback and the performance and results of forex dynasty robot.

What is Forex Dynasty System?
The Forex Dynasty is an automated forex expert advisor otherwise known as forex robot. This Forex EA works effectively on EUR/CHF (Euro vs Swiss Franc) currency pair and runs on Metatrader 4 platform.

What is included?
The Forex Dynasty system includes the core Fx Dynasty expert advisor, the forex dynasty user manual and an advanced trading manual. There is also the Forex Dynasty Elite System which can be purchased for $77 after you get the standard version.

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Steal Pips

The Steal Pips is the third major automated forex robot released during the month of March 2010. With so many forex trading robots in the market you might be wondering what is special about Steal Pips Robot. In this Steal Pips review we are going to examine the features of StealPips EA and evaluate the performance and results of Steal Pip expert advisor.

Steal Pips is Live Now

Steal Pips Review

What is Steal Pips?
Steal Pips is an automated Forex trading software or robot which can run on your computer 24 hours and manage all your trades automatically.

The Key Features :
The major Steal Pips features include Broker protection steal mode, 5 digit broker support, Price Action Analysis (No lagging indicators!) and money management system. Steal Pips also recognizes fundamental analysis scenarios and adjust automatically. See the full list of features below.

Customer Support :
One of the major drawbacks of most of the automated forex trading robots is the lack of proper customer support. The Steal Pips forex robot team has setup a separate Support Desk Ticket System for quick and easy customer care.

Download Steal Pips here.. | Watch Steal Pips Video & Results

Forex Black Panther

Forex Black Panther is going to launched within an hour from now. Like most of the automated forex trading robots, the ForexBlackPanther also created a huge buzz and if you have subscribed to some forex guru’s forex newsletter, he probably had send you an email by now talking all the good things about the Forex Black Panther robot. But does this currency trading expert advisor really works? Or is forex black panther a scam like the numerous other forex EAs that were released in the past few months? In this Forex Black Panther review we are going to examine the performance of black panther, the features and our review conclusion based on actual results.

Forex Black Panther Review
Unlike the regular robots the Black Panther is equipped with 3 Unique Technological Features.
1. P.E.T.E (Price Event Trend Extractor) which pinpoints the emergence of new trends with high accuracy.
2. Multi Dimensional Price Analysis and
3. Built-in Elite Portfolio Management

The above 3 unique features takes Black Panther above the rest of the robots available in the market today.

Forex Cash Evolution

Is Forex Cash Evolution a scam? It seems like we have a new forex trading EA (expert advisor) or forex robot released on every month. But does it really work? Let’s find out in this Forex Cash Evolution review below.

What is Forex Cash Evolution?
Forex Cash Evolution is an automated forex software (forex robot) which will run on autopilot to do all the trades for you. The whole system is based on Jeff Miller’s proven mechanical trading system which can hit trades with 92.5% accuracy.

Ease of Use:
Forex Cash Evolution is very easy to use. You just have to click your mouse buttons few times and hardly need 3 minutes to setup the forex cash evolution robot and it will right away start working to make profitable trades for you.


The USDBot is the first forex trading robot to hit in the market in 2010. Naturally we all want to know if this is another forex software scam or does it really work. usdbot The actual USDbot is going to be released in the market for general public only on 26th of January. So it is too early to give an unbiased USDbot review at this time since I prefer to publish actual user reviews and rating from real users. But I have got feedback from the beta testers of USD Bot and I am in the process of analyzing the results of USDbot.
Before we take a look at the performance of USDbot ea, let’s find out what exactly is offered in this software. The USDBOT is a 2 in 1 currency trading robot that trades the EUR/USD currency pair as well as the USD/JPY pair. The core trading strategy behind this automated forex trading robot is developed by a group of veteran traders. According to the creator of this forex robot, USDBOT will adapt to any market conditions or trends.

The members area got everything a new traders needs including Videos, USDBot installation guides, a section for frequently asked question and bonus forex products. I am preparing a video where you can take sneak peak at the members area of USDbot to see what is actually inside the members area.

Go here to find out more about USDbot.

USDBot Video Review:

The USDBot is released and I just bought it. I just finshed setting it upon my computer. The automated forex robot already started it’s job.
Meanwhile here is a sneakpeak at the members area of USDbot. See what is inside the USDbot system and how it will make money for you. Click on the review video to start playing.

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The much awaited forex robot, IvyBot will be released in the market on 28th July, 2009. Until now, this automated forex trading software was only available to selected few and now after doing all the tests the IvyBot is perfected. On 28th regular traders like you and me will be able to buy ivybot online.
In this IvyBot review we will look into the key features of this forex trading robot and find out if it really works or is it just another scam. Also I have contacted one of the selected few Ivy Bot beta testers to show their IvyBot results which I will be sharing with you guys.

IvyBot Review

So what is special about this currency trading software in comparison with other forex EA like FAP Turbo? One of the key features of IvyBot is that it has four different robots for four different currency pairs. This is not available in any other trading robots. Most of the auto trading software are primarily created for EUR/USD pair and though they can be used for trading other currency pairs the results might not be good. Ivy Bot eliminates this problem by developing separate forex robots for specifically for each forex currency pair.
Review Update: From the feedback what we received from actual users, the Ivybot performs very low number of trades. However the trades what Ivybot robot open ended up with profits most of the time. Hence you most likely will not lose any trades though it will take long time for you to big big bucks with Ivybot auto trading software.

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FAP Turbo Evolution

The brand new FAP Turbo Evolution robot hit the market on 14th July, 2009. In this FAP turbo evolution review, we will examine the features of the software, the effectiveness of the robot and customer reviews and ratings.

Update: FAP Turbo Evolution is SOLD OUT!

What is FAP Turbo Evolution?
The original FAP Turbo is the most successful automated forex robot that came to the market in 2008. It is still the best forex trading robot available in the market. So what is this FAP Turbo Evolution? Is it just an upgrade of FAP Turbo?
FAP Turbo Evolution is specifically designed to work with Dukascopy, a highly regarded Swiss based forex broker. The original version of FAPTurbo and many other forex EA are designed to run on MetaTrader 4 platform. Since many forex traders who make big profits through online trading are using Dukascopy, they couldn’t utilize the FAP Turbo software. With FAP Turbo Evolution you can now do automated trading with Dukascopy.
Download FAP Turbo Evolution   |   FAPTurbo Evolution Results

Forex Monster

The new Forex Monster currency trading software was released in market on 7th July 2009. According to the creators of forex monster it is the only forex robot that thrives on the kind of crazy 2009 market volatility. In this forex monster review we will look into the actual facts, features and customer feedback to decide if this is a genuine forex trading robot or if it is another scam.
Forex Monster is designed to work on the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. The software is pretty easy to install and use. But what makes forex monster different from other automated Forex EA like FAP turbo or forex megadroid? First of all Forex Monster avoid scalping completely and looks for major spikes in the market. Next forex Monster software is designed not only for full time traders but also for people working in regular 8-5 jobs and those who got small initial capital to invest. You can see the full list of Forex Monster features below.
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Forex Killer

Forex Killer is a forex signal software developed by Andreas Kirchberger a former forex advisor of Deutsche Bank, qlong with two of his colleagues. What makes forex killer different from other trading robots like FAP turbo and does it really work? In this forex killer review we will see the features of forex killer, compare it with other forex software and listen to customer reviews and ratings.

What is Forex Killer and How is it Different:
Forex Killer is a advanced trading signal generator and not a forex EA. That means you can generate your own forex signals instead of signing up for expensive forex signal providers and waiting for the signals to arrive. Unlike forex trading robots, forex killer is platform independent.

Is Forex Killer Scam? Does it really work?
Forex Killer is not a scam. However we got mixed reviews from customers. Many users gave good ratings while few consumers gave negative feedback as well. Below, you can see the forex killer reviews from customers and my conclusion based on real user feedback.

Download Forex Killer   |   Video – See Forex Killer in Action

Forex Derivative

The Forex Derivative Robot is a forex EA baes on the forex derivatives strategy of Zack Kolundzic who got many years of trading experience. Zac’s forex strategies have helped lot of people to make money in forex trading and with this forex trading software, Zac made it incredibly easy for anyone to use his highly successful forex system.
Forex Derivative EA is designed to run on latest version of Metatrader4. In case you don’t know, a Forex EA or Forex Expert Advisor is nothing but a software program which receives signals from your forex broker and do the trades automatically.
What is inside the Forex Derivative System?
The packages consists of the following things.
1. Forex Derivative Expert Advisor (software compiled in ex4 format which runs on metatrader 4 platform.)
2. DLL file of Forex Derivative
3. Complete user manual in adobe acrobat (pdf) format
The Forex Derivative guide contains the installation instructions. It further explains how the forex derivative software works and details about the complex money management strategies.
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