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Leo Trader Pro

The Leo Trader Pro robot is a Neural Network based automated forex trading software. Leo Trader Pro Review In the following Leo Trader Pro review we will examine if this EA is better than other currency trading robots or if it is just another forex scam.
The best systems out there will try to dole out a unique approach to trading. All of them have a particular strategy that helps the system determine the best points for trading. The classic indicators have been used extensively so far in all of the Expert Advisors that we see in the market. These robots follow backtesting on historical data which is why most of them fail in a few months time. What the trading world needed was a new system with a different strategy altogether.

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Trading Strategy of Leo Trader Pro
The Leo Trader Pro is based on an advanced technology where it makes use of neural networks when analyzing market patterns and processing price action data. This is more like a logical thinking path that the system follows where it does not merely make use of historical patterns but also incorporates analysis of the current market information. This means the system is able to imitate human thought process and offers a more accurate trading decision that is not solely reliant on indicator readings.

What is Leo Trader Pro?
Touted to double your deposit each month, the Leo Trader Pro developers claim that you can get more than 100% profits each month from this Forex robot! There are some more capacities that only this Leo Trader Pro has differentiating it from the other currency trading robots around it. One such ability is trading 2 currencies simultaneously. This actually means that this EA does the work of two robots for you!
Currency Pairs: Even though you can trade every currency pair with it, the most recommended are USD/ CHF and GBP/ JPY.

The reason why most people who used EAs for sometime and then went back to manual trading was that the bots were unable to adapt to the changes in personality of the Forex market. Leo Trader Pro solved this issue. Their neural network does not use past data but with the present data, it acts like a human mind would. In fact, it goes beyond and extracts patterns and detects trends that even a human mind or computer would find too complex to detect! This is the reason why this amazing robot’s claim to fame is the ‘game changer’.

Leo Trader Pro gives proof

  • This is the first ever publicly offered Forex robot launched at the International Traders Expo in Las Vegas. The systems at the Expo are exposed to critical study by industry experts and if it did well, it should be good!
  • The automated system provides an Account Investor Password and you are allowed to access the account number 1331. This is a first that an investor account is open to public access. Anybody can try it and see the workings of this neural system.
  • This account number 1331 is validated by Jani Hjerppe, CEO of FinFX. Proof that this system works couldn’t be more real!
  • The simple fact that the creators of this breakthrough innovation are in the public eye and not hiding behind a fake name or online account makes them quite believable.

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The disadvantages of the system
The original version of Leo Trader pro was getting frequently crashed on MT4 platforms. However this is corrected in the updated version now. Most people have loved the system so far and the proof offered is certainly going down well. However, the only hitch so far is the price for the system which sells at $149 as compared to $77 or $97 for other robots in the market.
Update: The current discounted price is $67

Forex Morning Trade

Forex Morning Trade System by Mark Fric is a simple to learn, yet highly profitable forex trading system. In this Forex Morning Trade review we will examine what makes this system and EA better when compared to other automated forex robots.

FX Morning Trade System:
Mark Fric developed this mechanical forex trading system which takes only 10 minutes a day and is simple. After trading almost 2 years using this system Mark decided to create a Forex EA as well and give it away for free for all his clients who buy Forex Morning Trade System.

Forex Morning Trade Bonus

#Bonus1: Forex Morning Trade EA Free
For those who want to automate their trades, you will get the Forex Morning Trade robot for free. The Expert Advisor uses the same rules of manual trading, but trades automatically for you. This is very convenient if you are living in a different time zone.

#Bonus2: Trading Journal: You will get access to Marc Fric’s own trading journal, where he trades this system day by day on a live account.

How Forex Morning Trade System Works?
Forex Morning Trade uses “London open” principle, which means opening the London forex market at 08:00 GMT. The ForexMorningTrade system is designed to work with GBP/USD currency pair. It is a verified fact that the forex market is most active during the first two hours of the London market.
Open your trading charts before the London market opens (6:30 Hrs London) and with the help of the forex indicators provided you will able to identify if the trading conditions are met. Then at the start of the 06.30 candle enter in trade accordingly.
If you live in a country where you can trade during the opening hours of UK market, then you can trade manually. On the other hand if you can’t stay awake during this time period, use the Forex Morning Trade EA and let the robot trade on auto-pilot.

$$ Forex Morning Trade Tips:
Maintain the lot size untouched at 0.1 and also make sure you have the right GMT offset according to your forex broker, both on indicator and EA with allow trading option ticked.

Forex Morning Trade Questions:
Does it work for other Currency Pairs?
The system is designed for GBP/USD currency cross and the tests show that it is the most profitable currency pair to trade with Forex Morning Trade system. You could try other currency pairs but you may not get the same results.

Do I need MetaTrader4?
You can use the indicators available on any forex platform to trade using this system.
However you need MT4 to use the Forex Morning Trade custom indicator that comes along with the system. Most of the Forex Brokers have MT4 platform.

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Forex Pip Stack

The Forex Pip Stack or Forex PipStack is a complete automated forex trading system developed by BFG marketing group. In this Forex Pip Stack review we will take a look at the key features, ease of use and final report based on performance and actual Forex Pip Stack customer reviews.

Currency Pairs : Forex Pip Stack robot supports EUR/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF currency pairs.
Time Frame : 15 Minutes

What is Unique about Forex Pip Stack?
There are many strategies to make money on forex market. Some traders might want to do long term traders, while most of the others prefer day trading or scalping. Forex Pip Stack is equipped with 5 forex trading strategies which suits your trading style and currency pair.
These five trading strategies of Forex Pip Stack robot are Market Swing XL, Scalp XL, Hedge Elite 2.0, Turbo Trend and Round Bound strategies. You can see more detailed explanation about each of these below.

  Forex Pip Stack Features   |   Download Forex Pip Stack Robot

5 in 1 Forex Pip Stack System

Forex Pip Stack Review

FAP Turbo Settings

FAP Turbo is one of the few profitable forex robots available commercially. In fact the success of FAP Turbo robot resulted in big influx of new forex robots though most of them failed miserable. Despite of the fact the FAP turbo got proven results; if you search on internet or forex forums for a FAP Turbo review you will find mixed responses. Some traders swear that FAP turbo is the best one in the market while others complain that it doesn’t work. Why is it so? The answer lies in FAP Turbo settings of individual trader.
The experienced trader would try different currency pairs, tweak the FAP Turbo settings to test and analyze the results. Eventually they will come up with the best FAP Turbo settings to make money with forex trading. If you are just starting out forex trading with FAP turbo you might want to know the best FAP turbo settings straight away. Naturally the first thing you probably did was searching on internet and forex forums for settings of FAP turbo. Beware! Many of the free information floating around on internet are inaccurate and fake. You don’t want to risk your funds by entering the wrong settings inside FAP turbo robot. Unless you trust the person, do not believe anyone who is offering free FAP Turbo settings on forex trading forums. Moreover Steve, the creator of FAP Turbo expert advisor often updates the software and the old settings may not give good results on a newer verion. So the next question you probably have is, “Where can I find the best settings for FAP Turbo robot?” That’s exactly what I am going to tell you.

Recomanded settings for FAP Turbo Robot
FAP Turbo settings Guide
Rob Casey, the author FAP Turbo Expert Guide regularly updates the settings for this highly profitable forex robot. You can see the latest FAP Turbo setting by Rob here...

My suggestion is to go with Rob’s optimum settings though you might have to spend some money to get it. It is better to pay for the best FAP Turbo settings guide than spending countless hours on testing by yourself or losing all your money in your forex account by entering some fake settings you found on a forex forum.

Fusion-V 1.1a Robot

Traders who are interested in automating their forex system are always observing how the best performing robots work. Sometimes you don’t need to build the best performing tool from scratch. Instead you just need to get hold of the best available tool in the market and improve it make it a winner. At the Forex Robot World Cup, this exactly what happened. The master forex trading EA, Fusion V 1.1a Royal Trader or the Fusion-V1.1a Robot is finally ready.

What is Fusion V 1.1a Robot?
Fusion-V 1.1a is an automated forex trading robot developed by the FRWC team in Forex EA lab. In fact the Fusion-V 1.1a robot achieved an amazing 355.46% profit in just 19 days with 226 trades.

Why is Fusion-V1.1a Forex EA so powerful?
The FRWC developed this robot very systematically. First they organized the Forex Robot World Cup competition. Once they have identified the top 5 forex robots, the FRWC lab combined it into one single master robot called the Fushion-5 1.1a. This is a very power forex robot since all the benefits of the best Forex EAs from championship is merged into one single robot.

From February 16th you can get the Fusion-V1.1a robot by clicking the above button.

How is Fusion-V 1.1a Robot better than the Forex Robot World Cup Winners?
In Fusion-V 1.1a EA, the trading rules of the Forex Robot World Cup Winner robots have not altered. That would be a stupid thing to do because these robots have proved to work well. The team from FRWC lab built exclusive money management rules in Fusion-V 1.1a robot that proportioned the risk more evenly.

Fusion-V 1.1a Bonus
Buy the Fusion-V 1.1a Robot by clicking the link below and win exclusive bonus worth $197.
Bonus Details:
Automated Forex Blueprint

  1. Automated Forex Success Secret:
    – A detailed blueprint on how to setup automated forex robots and make tons of money.
  2. Online Forex Manual:
    – A forex trading bible which contains everything you need to know about earning big profits with online forex trading.
  3. Step by Step Forex:
    – A step by step guide for new traders to absolutely win trades without losses.

How to Claim the FRWC Bonus?
Click the link below and by the Forex Robot World Cup royal trader Fusion-V 1.1a. Sent a copy of your purchase receipt using the comment form below. I will personally contact and send you the bonus.


The GBPBot forex Expert Advisor is set to be released in the market on 23rd Ferurary 2010. GBPBot
Update: GBPBot postponed the launch date to 9th March. Not sure why the release is delayed. You can see the latest updated of GBPBot here.
You might start receiving lot of emails and big promotional messages from 15th Februray onwards. Meanwhile I am in the process of getting some inside access for you guys to investigate the truth about GBPbot and its performance just like I did for USDBot. I need to make sure if GBPbot is scam or does it really work as they claim.
Anyway here are some quick facts about GBPBot forex robot.
According to the developers, GBPBOT works on multiple currency pairs and a standard 1 Minute Timeframe. The GBPbot is designed to gain maximum profit regardless of the market condition by analyzing the trend and enter into trade accordingly. You can download GBP Bot and install the Forex Expert Advisor in a matter of minutes and let the robot run completely on autopilot.
The developers claim that GBPBot is designed in such a way that even new traders with no experience can make money using this automated forex robot.

Will GBPBot stand up to the claims? I am going to find it out and will report back to you guys very soon.

Forex Cash Evolution

Is Forex Cash Evolution a scam? It seems like we have a new forex trading EA (expert advisor) or forex robot released on every month. But does it really work? Let’s find out in this Forex Cash Evolution review below.

What is Forex Cash Evolution?
Forex Cash Evolution is an automated forex software (forex robot) which will run on autopilot to do all the trades for you. The whole system is based on Jeff Miller’s proven mechanical trading system which can hit trades with 92.5% accuracy.

Ease of Use:
Forex Cash Evolution is very easy to use. You just have to click your mouse buttons few times and hardly need 3 minutes to setup the forex cash evolution robot and it will right away start working to make profitable trades for you.

Automated Currency Trading Software

Gone are the days where you will have to sit in front of the monitor and make frequent telephone calls to do the currency trading. With the help of automated currency trading software any currency trader can make the most of their investments from the lucrative forex market. The foreign exchange market is now bigger and more liquid than all stock markets in the world added together. Utilizing automated forex software tools can help you make the most of this enormous opportunity with ease.

Now before you experienced traders argue that automated forex trading doesn’t work and manual trading is the only way to go, I do agree that manual trading has its advantages. In fact I would advice everyone who is new to forex to learn how to trade manually so that you know the forex market and the basics of currency trading. Similar to all speculative forms of investments, currency trading is risky and the more you learn about it, the better you will be prepared to overcome the risks. Shielding your funds with risk management is one of the most essential skills that you can have as a forex trader. When you trade manually you will learn to manage your risk and learn how to handle the funds. Of course you don’t have to spend your hard earned money for this; since you can learn manual trading from a demo account, which is provide by most forex brokers now.

Advantages of Automatic Currency Trading
Automated forex trading has its advantages when compared to manual trading. However successful you may be in the forex market as a manual trader, you cannot expect to observe several currency pairs simultaneously and never miss few excellent trading opportunities. This is where automated forex trading software can help where the software keeps track of the market and do the trades automatically whenever there is good trading opportunity.

The software as you can imagine, cannot make speculations like the human brain. Instead the automated currency trading software will work according to the set instructions given by you. This is actually an advantage since forex software is not affected by human emotions like fear and greed. Once you setup the forex software it will keep working round the clock identifying trends and trading on behalf of you. This way you can automate your successful manual trading system and work more efficiently.
You can utilize the free forex platform Metatrader 4 and set this up. However you either need software knowledge or have to hire a programmer who can create automated currency trading software according to your needs. If you are an expert trader I would suggest you to go this route since investing some cash to create an automated trading system will increase return and save time.

Nevertheless, if you are just a beginner at forex trading you might not want to invest lot of money for developing custom forex software. Instead you can buy forex robots like FAP Turbo which are readily available in the market. While these software programs may not match completely to your existing trading system, you adjust the various setting including stop-loss to setup the software according to your requirements.

Use the automatic currency trading software to trade with ease to make big profits