Forex Robot World Cup

Have you heard about the Forex Robot World Cup competition? If you are a member of any of the forex forums or subscribed to receive email from any of the forex websites you probably might know about the forex world cup by now. So what is exactly FRWC and how is it different?

What is Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC)?
The FRWC or Forex Robot World Cup is organized with the objective of identifying the best performing non-commercial Forex Expert Advisor (forex robot). The competition is transparent and all forex robot developers have equal chance of winning the competition. All the Forex EA participating in the competition are designed to run on the famous MetaTrader 4 platform.

How is Forex Robot World Cup different?
There are lot of forex expert advisors available for sale and almost all of them claim to be the best forex robot in the world. You might have seen many review sites comparing these forex software and recommending you the best. So what makes FRWC championship different?
As you know, a forex robot is nothing but a software which can automate a highly profitable forex trading system. The true power of an automated forex robot is the trading system on which it is built. The problem with moat commercially available forex robots is that, they are created by programmers without a strong and profitable strategy. This is because their primary is to make money with forex robot sales and not from actual trading.
On the other hand, there are currency traders who got years of experience who had developed their own winning forex system. Once they are confident about the profitability of their trading system they hire software engineers to program a forex robot which could automate the trading system. At Forex Robot World Cup you can see such private forex robots in action. In fact out of 329 Forex robots submitted for the competition only 24 Forex EA got qualified for the Live Trading Phase of FRWC championship.

How is Forex Robot World Cup beneficial for Me?
The 24 Forex Robots which entered in the final phase of the competition are based on highly profitable forex system. In fact most of these forex expert advisors (forex robot) were developed by spending large sum of money, but these private Auto-trading robots are really powerful. But unfortunately we, the normal guys will not get these highly profitable forex robots since the trader developed it for his personal use.
With Forex Robot World Cup we are going to get the opportunity to acquire the best Forex Robot which was never available in the market before. On 16th February 2010, when the Forex Robot World Cup organizers announce the winner, we will have the opportunity to get our hands on the Royal FRWC Forex Robot.

The Forex Robot World Cup results are announced. You can see the winner here.

The Forex Robot World Cup Results:

After months of tough competition the Forex Robot World Cup competition finally come to end with some amazing results. The first place was won by LMD-Multicurrency robot. This Forex EA was developed by a Croatian trader called Drazen Ziskovic. Congratulations to Drazen. Well Done! :)
The second prize winner HiRIDER also looks very promising. One thing I noticed from the Forex Robot World Cup results is that, the HiRIDER robot was continuously improving its profit while the LMD-Multicurrency had it’s ups and downs.
Below is table showing the results of Forex Robot World Cup featuring the top 5 forex robots who won the prizes.

Results  Deposit Name of the Robot Drawdown Net Profit Winner Prize
1 $1,000  LMD-Multicurrency  34.06% 145.60% $100,000  
2 $1,000  HiRIDER  3.26% 88.11% $30,000
3 $1,000  SuperVolcano  4.98% 36.25%   $10,000
4 $1,000 VREM2 8.38% 19.39% $1,000
5 $1,000 Nutcracker 23.67 14.93% $1,000

Forex Robot World Cup Bonus

I understand that many of you guys are interested in getting the FRWC royal trader, I thought I will add some killer bonus to sweeten the deal. Buy the Fusion-V 1.1a Robot which is the Royal FRWC robot, by clicking the link below and win exclusive bonus worth $197.

FRWC Bonus Details:
Automated Forex Blueprint

  1. Automated Forex Robot BluePrint:
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  3. Step by Step Forex:
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How to Claim the best Forex Robot World Cup Bonus?
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