Forex Enterprise Scam

The forex enterprise website claims that it is a system which provides multiple streams of income. There are pictures of expensive cars and a nice house. I thought this is a lame sales tactic. I wasn’t very much impressed with what I read on the website since the owner of Forex Enterprise system, Nick Marks is not giving out any details about the so called “multiple stream of income”. So I decided to do an in depth research to find out about the truth about Forex Enterprise.
After a detailed search, I have come across numerous customer complaints against Nick Marks and his product. What was truly shocking is that this has nothing to do with real forex trading. The product is mostly promoting MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or pyramid schemes which in many cases are a rip-off.
Now, I have nothing agaist Nick Marks or his products. In fact it could work for some people. But I wouldn’t recommend Forex Enterprise to any of my readers who are interested in making money in forex market.

I suggest you to learn forex trading and stay away from such scams