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Best Forex Software The new version of Forex Auto Pilot, the FAP Turbo is rated as the best automated forex software available in the market today. After doing a detailed review and comparison with other forex software programs like Forex Megadroid the FAP turbo got the highest rating.

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Review Tip:
Do not go with Forex broker suggested by FAP Turbo straightaway. Because your key code for FAP turbo forex software will work only with one forex broker at a time and changing the broker is a hassle. So go for a forex broker you really trust.
Also, if you are looking for a complete hands free system of automated forex trading, then I suggest you to get the server edition of FAP turbo which does the trading even when you sleep.

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I started running FAP Turbo on a couple of demo accounts in October 2008 and it seemed trading OK. I was also experimenting with couple of other Forex Software (EA), but went back to FAP Turbo and began trading a lLive $1000 account. During the initial 3 weeks of April I had around 50 trades in which I had 3 small losses and the rest winners. My forex account was up $387, which is 38.7%. However I noticed that only two of the four currency pairs were doing good and hence I increased the LLR (risk) on them and lowered the other 2 pairs. This worked extremely well….
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